World Asthma Day

World Asthma Day

तमक श्वास – ब्रोन्कियल अस्थमा
श्वास घेण्यात अडचण किंवा श्वास कमी प्रमाणात घेतल्या जाणे (दमा) म्हणून ओळखले जाते. हे प्राथमिक असू शकते – श्वसन प्रणालीपासून उद्भवलेले, द्वितीयक – शरीराच्या इतर संस्थांमधील आजारातून उद्भवणारे ह्यांचा श्वसन प्रणालीवर प्रभाव पडतो.

Benefits of Castor Oil

Castor oil is bitter, pungent and sweet in taste, it promotes natural movement of body fluids i.e. laxative, hard to digest.
It is an enlargement of the scrotum (hernia), abdominal tumors, diseases caused by Vata and Kapha, ascites, intermittent fevers, pain and swellings of the waist, genitals, abdomen, and back, is capable of penetrating deep, hot
in potency and bad in the smell.

Benefits of Sesame Oil

Oils are generally similar to their source (seed). Sesame oil cleanses and detoxifies skin, not good for eyes, pierces into deep tissues, hot, balances Kapha.
Useful for both obese and emaciated people. Responsible for constipation, Useful in worm infestation. When it is processed with other herbs, it is very beneficial in various diseases.

Benefits of Ghee – 2

Ghee is useful in disorders of Vata and Pitta origin, poison, insanity, inauspicious activity and fevers.
Of all the fatty materials, ghee is the best. It is coolant, best for retaining of youth, when processed scientifically is capable of giving a thousand good effects by a thousand ways.

Benefits of Ghee – 1

Ghee is ideal for improving intelligence, memory, ingenuity, digestion strength, long life, semen and eye sight.
Ghee is good for children, the aged, those who desire more children, tenderness of the body and pleasant voice, Also good for those suffering from emaciation as a result of injury to chest (lungs), herpes injury from weapons and fire.

Benefits of Butter

Fresh Navanita (butter) is aphrodisiac, coolant, improves skin complexion, strength and digestion strength. It is abosrbent, useful in diarrhoea, balances Vata, Pitta and detoxifies blood.
Useful in chronic respiratory disorders leading to emaciation, hemorrhoids, paralysis, cough.