Benefits of Castor Oil

Benefits of Castor Oil

Castor oil is bitter, pungent and sweet in taste, it promotes natural movement of body fluids i.e. laxative, hard to digest.
It is an enlargement of the scrotum (hernia), abdominal tumors, diseases caused by Vata and Kapha, ascites, intermittent fevers, pain and swellings of the waist, genitals, abdomen, and back, is capable of penetrating deep, hot
in potency and bad in the smell.

Rules for curds consumption

Curds should not be consumed during the night,
Curd should not be consumed by making it hot.
It should also not be consumed during the spring and summer seasons.
It should be taken with soup of green gram, honey, ghee, sugar, and Amla is helpful.
It should not be taken daily. If used daily, it may cause/worsen fever, bleeding disorders, skin diseases, anemia and dizziness.

Qualities and Benefits of Curd

Curd has sour taste, undergoes sour taste conversion after digestion, absorbent, useful in diarrhoea. Heavy to digest, hot in nature, balances Vata, Increases fat, semen, strength, Kapha, bleeding disorders, digestion strength and inflammation, Increases taste also.
Curd Useful in anorexia, chronic – recurrent fever, rhinitis, dysuria, malabsorption syndrome.

Benefits of Goat milk

Goat drinks less water and does a lot of walking. It eats pungent and bitter grass and vegetables that are light to digest. Hence goat milk also easy to digest.
Goat milk is useful in emaciation, fever, dyspnoea, asthma, chronic bronchial disorders, bleeding disorders of Pitta origin such as hemorrhoids, nasal bleeding, diarrhea, dysentery.