Drink limited water and stay healthy

Benefits of Honey

Honey is good for the vision, it breaks up hard masses, relieves thirst, balances Kapha.
Useful in toxicity, hiccup, bleeding conditions, diabetes, urinary tract diseases, skin diseases, worm infestation, vomiting, dyspnoea, chronic respiratory diseases, cough, cold, diarrhoea.
It cleanses wounds, heals wound quickly, increases Vata. It is dry, astringent and sweet. Crystallized honey is similar to honey in properties.
Honey, can do damage if used after heating it and to those suffering from great heat, used during the hot season, hot country or with hot foods.

Benefits of Butter

Fresh Navanita (butter) is aphrodisiac, coolant, improves skin complexion, strength and digestion strength. It is abosrbent, useful in diarrhoea, balances Vata, Pitta and detoxifies blood.
Useful in chronic respiratory disorders leading to emaciation, hemorrhoids, paralysis, cough.

Benefits of Cow milk

Cow’s milk promotes long life, anti-aging, rejuvenating, good for those emaciated after a chest injury. It also increases intelligence, strengthening, promotes breast milk production, helps the easy movement of the bowels.
It Relieves exhaustion, dizziness, toxicity, in-auspiciousness, dyspnoea, cough, severe thirst and hunger, chronic fevers, dysuria, bleeding diseases.

Hot water stimulates hunger

उष्ण जल – निरोगी आरोग्यासाठी आवश्यक दीपनं पाचनं कण्ठयं लघूष्णं बस्तिशोधनम् ।। हिध्माध्मानानिलश्लेष्मसद्यः शुद्धिनवज्वरे । कासामपीनसश्वासपार्श्वेरुक्षु च शस्यते ।। – अष्टांगहृदय सूत्रस्थान – ५ / १६-१७ उष्ण जलाने भूक सुधारते, पचन सुधारते, पचायला हलके, घशासाठी हितकर, लघवी साफ होते. उचक्या, गॅसेस, पोटातील वात, कफ कमी करते. उष्ण जल पंचकर्म सुरू असताना, नुकत्याच झालेल्या ज्वरामध्ये, सर्दी, […]