Benefits of Honey

चक्षुष्यं छेदि तृट्श्लेष्मविषहिध्मास्त्रपित्तनुत् |
मेहकुष्ठकृमिच्छर्दिश्वासकासातिसारनुत् ||
व्रणशोधनसंधानरोपणं वातलं मधु |
रूक्षं कषायमधुरं तत्तुल्या मधुशर्करा ||
उष्णमुष्णार्तमुष्णे च युक्तं चोष्णैर्निहन्ति तत् |
– अष्टांगहृदय सूत्रस्थान 5 – 52, 53, 54

Benefits of Honey ( मधाचे गुणधर्म व फायदे )

Honey is good for the vision, it breaks up hard masses, relieves thirst, balances Kapha.
Useful in toxicity, hiccup, bleeding conditions, diabetes, urinary tract diseases, skin diseases, worm infestation, vomiting, dyspnoea, chronic respiratory diseases, cough, cold, diarrhoea.
It cleanses wounds, heals wound quickly, increases Vata. It is dry, astringent and sweet. Crystallized honey is similar to honey in properties.
Honey, can do damage if used after heating it and to those suffering from great heat, used during the hot season, hot country or with hot foods.