About Us

Ayuryog Ayurvedic and Panchkarma Clinic is a registered Ayurveda clinic, founded by eminent Ayurvedic practitioners, Vaidya Ganesh Palhade Established in December 2015, we aim to render effective cure for various diseases with authentic Ayurvedic medicines and curative – rejuvenating Panchakarma therapies for people in all walks of society.

At Ayuryog Clinic, we make every effort to ease all your health troubles, and make the treatment process more convenient & efficient, by providing best of the consulting, comfort and treatment modalities to our patients.

There is a specially designed well-equipped Panchakarma room where all the authentic panchakarma therapies are performed according to specifications of the patient. Music therapy is also incorporated which serves an additive healing touch and a relaxing ambiance.

At Ayuryog Clinic, we believe in Prevention more than cure of disease, stress free life-style.

Following daily routine and Seasonal routine as per Ayurveda is key to healthy and ultimately successful lifestyle.